Core IT and Telecom

Within the Core IT and Telecom sectors, Emergitel’s dedication surpasses a mere grasp of job titles. We delve deeply into the intricacies of each role and technology. This ensures that every recommendation we provide is bolstered by profound expertise, cultural alignment, and role suitability. We aim to offer our clients talent that satisfies immediate technical needs while also aligning with their overarching strategic vision.

Examples of IT roles we cater to encompass Software Developers, Systems Analysts, Network Engineers, Database Administrators, IT Security Specialists, Cloud Solutions Architects, and DevOps Engineers.

Telecom roles we handle span Telecom Engineers, RF Engineers, Telecom Network Designers, Fiber Optic Technicians, Telecom Project Managers, Wireless Communication Specialists, and VoIP Engineers.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, essential for businesses to remain competitive and innovative, melds technology, strategy, and human-centric design intricately. At emergiTEL, our comprehensive recruitment approach in the digital domain delves deeply into both the technical intricacies and broader business implications of roles like Digital Strategists, UX/UI Designers, Digital Project Managers, Data Scientists & Analysts, eCommerce Specialists, Digital Marketing Managers, Cloud Transformation Specialists, AI and Machine Learning Engineers, Blockchain Developers, and IoT Developers. We pride ourselves in adeptly connecting our clients with candidates who can seamlessly navigate through digital complexities, thereby championing innovation and fostering sustained growth in a continually evolving digital terrain.

IT/Tech & Ops Governance/Risk & Controls

Operating under the complex umbrella of technology governance and risk oversight, this domain ensures the systematic adherence to vital technical protocols and standards. These roles are pivotal to maintain the integrity of technological processes and typically report to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in an organizational structure.

Roles we cater to include: Technology Compliance Liaison, Information Risk Governance and Planning, IT Controls Testers (for SDLC, Projects, Applications, Cyber), IT Issue Remediation Tester, Cyber Security Control Tester, and more.

Adherence to regulations/standards such as: COBIT, COSO, IT SOX, ISO, ITIL, ISA, NIST, NERC, PCI-DSS, CIS, and beyond.

Business/Regulatory /Enterprise Risk & Compliance

Safeguarding the multifaceted interests of an organization, roles within this domain are pivotal in ensuring that businesses remain compliant and ahead of potential risks. These professionals maintain a vigilant eye over various risk categories and are typically aligned with the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) in the organizational hierarchy.

Roles we cater to encompass: Enterprise Risk Advisor, Controls Tester, Compliance Specialist, Liquidity Risk Specialist, Compliance Examiner, Market Risk Specialist, Credit Risk Specialist, Operational Risk Compliance, Advisor Risk Monitoring, among others.

Ensuring compliance with regulations/standards such as: ERM, ORM, EST, ICAAP, RDARR, CCAR, IFRS, SOX, COSO, Dodd-Frank, and more.

is a team sport, and what a team we have here at emergiTEL! We love what we do, and it shows. After all, there are thousands of clients and more than 300,000 IT professionals counting on us.
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