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emergiTEL Group provides outsourcing services through it’s brand mobileLIVE. Please click mobileLIVE to view our Mobile Device and Network Solutions.

Economics of business are leading Telecom and IT companies  to find ways to reduce costs, improve productivity and integrate  highly diverse operating systems.   At the same time, competitive pressures require these organizations to elevate quality, improve customer service and create new improved services.  Many of these market changes are leading organizations to evaluate outsourcing solutions to help drive down immediate issues of cost reduction, however the longer term benefits or outsourcing should not only support cost reduction but help drive  efficiency and revenue opportunities.  While there are a number of outsourcing companies in the market today, many of the long term business drivers can only be achieved working with partners that understand the unique business and technology challenges that exist within the telecom market.   

emergiTEL has built its foundation on being a specialist in the Telecom and IT industry.  Our core competency to recruit talented technical and project management resources within the industry has allowed us to gain expertise across key technical areas including RF Engineering and Device Management Services. 

At emergiTEL our vision is simple: To provide low cost flexible outsourcing solutions to meet the specific needs and timelines of our clients.  EmergiTel views itself as a long term partner offering expertise with our areas of focus  to help our clients prioritize their own resources on technological innovation to deliver better value to their customers.  Our core competency to deploy right technical resources combined with our project management expertise makes us a perfect partner for all your outsourcing needs including successful completion of discrete turnkey projects or specific components of larger initiatives.

EmergiTel’s outsourcing model is flexible to fit the specific needs / timelines of your organization. We are  able to change priorities and react quickly to your emerging requirements.  This approach translates into best value, highest quality, cost effective and lowest risk outsourcing model for your organization. We will assume the responsibility to implement an entire project around a specific SLA for you while retaining the level of control you prefer and with consistent and proactive communication.

It is a pleasure to recommend emergiTEL. I have worked with emergiTEL for at least 3 of my recent contract / consulting assignments within my organization...


A Major Canadian Telecom Operator

 Our Clients

emergiTEL's clients encompass major Telecom Operators, Vendors, IT and Financial Institutions.